Picture of Biblical Shepherding MP3 (2 Volume Set)

Biblical Shepherding MP3 (2 Volume Set)

This study album highlights the calling of the man of God, as well as the work that God has laid before him to complete (John 17:4).
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Pastor Jack has long had spiritual insight into the calling of a pastor and his work. In this study album, he shares lessons and experiences developed from biblical principles. From key leadership texts in the Bible, including the pastoral epistles and Nehemiah, aspiring spiritual leaders and pastors will learn to integrate prayer, practice, policy, principle, and priorities in life and godliness (1 Timothy 4:16).

In practical wisdom, Pastor Jack lays out biblically derives principles of ministry and oversight, as well as pastoral priorities in workload and energy. This album would make a fitting training tool for any pastor's library.

This album contains 111 studies.

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