Picture of Rahab's Faith: Saving the Spies

Rahab's Faith: Saving the Spies

Pastor Jack teaches us about this incredible woman with a disreputable past who believed in the Lord simple by hearing of His mighty works.
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How would you describe faithfulness? What characteristics would you name of someone who has great faith? Rahab, known in her time for harlotry and in ours perhaps for lying, is known by God for her courageous faith. As a newly saved heart touched by the miraculous work done in Egypt, Rahab steps out in faith to help the Hebrew spies as they scout Jericho. Though using dishonest methods, her conviction is simply unshakable. 

Who do you know that is new to the faith? How would the Lord have you to minister to them? There is much to learn from Rahab's transformation from a "lying harlot" to a woman saved by grace through faith. Join Pastor Jack as he teaches us about the promise of salvation and the Lord's miraculous work.

Rahab's Faith: Saving the Spies is part of Growing Thru Grace's Character Mini-Series collection.

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