Picture of Abraham - The Father of Many Nations

Abraham - The Father of Many Nations

Abraham, known as the Father of the Faith by many, didn't have as easy of a start to his faith as you may think.
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Faith takes time to grow, and Abraham is no exception. Pastor Jack gives context to this faithful man's life, bringing into focus the responsibility he felt as an uncle, the bouts of confidence and wise decision-making he struggled with as a husband, and the tender patience God had throughout it all. From his calling to the end of his life, we have the wonderful privilege to watch his faith mature.

If you've ever felt like your faith takes two steps forward and a few steps back, you are not alone. Abraham's journey, though a slow start, is full of mighty promises and the never-failing faithfulness of our God. Enjoy and see how the Lord ministers to you as Pastor Jack teaches us about walking in faith, relying on the Lord, and standing firm despite circumstance through Abraham's life.

Abraham - The Father of Many Nations is part of Growing Thru Grace's Character Mini-Series collection.

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