Picture of Jacob - Fighting With the Flesh

Jacob - Fighting With the Flesh

Pastor Jack takes us on a journey through Jacob’s life as described in the book of Genesis, giving us context, historical background, and practical lessons along the way.
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Jacob, Isaac’s son, the grandson of Abraham, not only had examples of faith in his life, but also an inheritance promised to his family from God Himself. Yet he fought with his flesh, with weaknesses in the forms of doubt, lying, and manipulation. But his story does not end there. Graciously, the Lord takes Jacob, flaws and all, and shows him His perfect plan and the places He had in mind to take him. And the Lord promises to do that with us as well.

We get a close look at Jacob’s relationship with his parents, the dynamics in their household, and his complicated romance after falling in love with Rachel. We pray you will see Jacob’s incredible growth and be encouraged as the Lord continues His work in your life as well.

Jacob - Fighting With the Flesh is part of Growing Thru Grace's Character Mini-Series collection.

This album contains 8 studies:

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