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The Life of Joseph

Pastor Jack gives insight into this Joseph’s life as we learn about forgiveness, patience, and knowing steadfastly that whatever it is we are going through, our God is in charge.
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Hate. Anger. Jealousy. Betrayal. These words were not unfamiliar in Joseph’s life. In fact, the very people who mistreated him so were his own brothers. Sold into slavery for 20 pieces of silver at 17, Joseph found himself completely alone headed to a foreign land: Egypt. For 20 years he remained estranged from his family, and life in Egypt was filled with trials as well. From false accusations to unjust punishment, Joseph never forgot the Lord, never turned his gaze from Him, or questioned His ways.

What a life Joseph lived, and what an untainted example of faithfulness. How do we hold up when we are in the midst of struggle? Where do we turn when things have fallen apart or not gone our way? Join Pastor Jack as he teaches about this young man's life and steady faithfulness in knowing God will show us the way if we would only cling onto Him.

The Life of Joseph is part of Growing Thru Grace's Character Mini-Series collection.

This album contains 10 studies:

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