Picture of Mark Study on MP3

Mark Study on MP3

This USB flash drive contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Mark from the series entitled, "The Ultimate Servant's Heart."
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Fast-paced and action-packed, Mark's Gospel is the smallest and shortest of the gospels. Mark was not an apostle of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, he was barely a teenager when Jesus stepped on the scene of His ministry. Yet as an observant young man he had much to contribute. Mark's perspective of Jesus is focused on how the King of kings came to serve, not sit. As such, this Gospel contains more miracles than any of the other Gospels, and twice you will read [paraphrase] "Jesus was so busy He didn't have time to eat." So this Gospel is all about Jesus' activities. It is written in the present tense, with the word "immediately" used over 41 times. It speaks to the urgency with which Jesus came to serve and give. Pastor Jack brings this unique gospel to life in a way that would challenge the Church today get up and get going to reach a world that is lost today.

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