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This study album contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Genesis. They have been encoded into the MP3 format, available on USB Flash Drive or CD Album.
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As the book of Beginnings, Genesis lays out a format in which the Lord would like to teach us about Himself, in other words, a progressive revelation of Himself. The Bible is written to focus our attention on one Person, and two events: Jesus Christ and His first and second coming. Pastor Jack's approach to this book is to let the narrative and phrases, the word pictures, and the chapters that God has inspired to be written down to draw you nearer to the Lord. His expository teaching style is sure to have you engaged, learning how to dissect the Bible on your own. We pray you enjoy this wonderful book that commences with eternity past.

Genesis is part of Growing Thru Grace's Know The Book collection.

This album contains 38 studies:

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Picture of Genesis MP3 On USB
Genesis MP3 On USB
What is the USB Card? A reusable 2GB USB stick approximately the same size of a credit card. The card is pre-loaded with all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Genesis. Once you have moved the studies to your computer, or MP3 player, you can remove them from the card and re-use it.

$20.00 (USD)
Picture of Genesis MP3 On CD
Genesis MP3 On CD
What is the MP3 CD Album? A data CD that has been burned with all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Genesis. This CD can be played on any CD player with the MP3 logo. The CD can also be played using the computer's audio player.

$20.00 (USD)
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