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This study album contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Matthew.
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A Jewish disciple of Jesus, Matthew's social status was farr from who we perhaps would have imagined Jesus choosing for the work He came to do. Earning his living as a tax collector, Matthew would have been characterized as nothing short of a traitor, hated by his fellow countrymen. After all, he worked for Rome, the great oppressor of the Jews. When Jesus called Matthew, we can only imagine his relief and redemption from such a life. This first Gospel and biography of the Messiah Jesus Christ is written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit with the context of Matthew's Jewish heritage in mind. As such, there are little explanations for Jewish holidays or festivities, and he cites the Old Testament more than any of his fellow Gospel writers combined. He emphasizes Jesus' regal, legal, and descendent right to the throne of David, which was the line by which the Messiah was promised to come. Woudl his target audience, his fellow Jewish countrymen, listen to him, a man who once worked for the enemy? Yet Matthew's message is quite simple: Behold your King. Join Pastor Jack as he evaluates this first account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This album contains 30 studies.

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Picture of Matthew MP3 On USB
Matthew MP3 On USB
What is the USB Card? A reusable 2GB USB stick approximately the same size of a credit card. The card is pre-loaded with all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Matthew. Once you have moved the studies to your computer, or MP3 player, you can remove them from the card and re-use it.

$19.99 (USD)
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Matthew MP3 On CD
What is the MP3 CD Album? A data CD that has been burned with all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Matthew. This CD can be played on any CD player with the MP3 logo. The CD can also be played using the computer's audio player.

$19.99 (USD)
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